About Rentrak

Retail Essentials Benefits for the Entertainment Industry

Rentrak's Retail Essentials® is the entertainment industry's leading platform for timely, actionable home video sales data. No other service provides faster access to the in-depth market intelligence data that drives your bottom line. Updated just 72 hours after the close of each business week, Retail Essentials delivers U.S. and Canadian home entertainment sell-through-data broken down by title format, category, genre, TV market and more.

Retail Essentials provides the necessary performance data that enables subscribers to manage their relationships with their customers. Studios, agencies, production companies and others can track the industry by format, title and aspect ratio.

Retail Essentials is your single source for tracking and reporting all Entertainment categories—DVD, Blu-ray Disc and video games.

The data is processed, audited and analyzed to create national consumer sales estimates in ways that support strategic decision-making. Whether you're forecasting trends, analyzing your product performance, monitoring your market share or simply tracking the industry, Retail Essentials gives you access to all the data you need. Retail Essentials is Web-based and available by subscription 24/7. Spreadsheets are downloadable to Excel or in PDF format.

Subscribers can compare their sales to the industry as a whole, drill down for a closer look at each market, find out how their customers promote their titles and get unique insight in consumer purchase behavior. We include direct access to "causal data" or "consumer behavior" through Business Intelligence Essentials: K-12 and college school schedules by market, major event schedules by market, weather (historical and forecasted) by market, market demographics and education index, and more.

Subscribers can run complex database queries and analyses by title, format, genre, category, rating, actor, director, box office gross, studio, language, release date, demographics and other key title attributes.

We can customize the research to match the unique needs of each subscriber. We provide analysts to proactively search for trends each week in key categories. These analysts are available to assist subscribers with research to get answers to their specific questions.

Rentrak has moe than 20 years experience tracking and projecting point-of-sale transactions across many verticals.

How to become a Retail Essentials Subscriber

Contact Chris Roberts, SVP sales, for details on subscription levels.