About Rentrak

Retail Essentials Benefits for the Retailer

Retail Essentials® provides industry data on a weekly basis within 72 hours after receipt of data feeds. POS data includes DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

The data is processed, audited, and analyzed to create national consumer sales estimates in ways that support strategic decision-making by management in purchasing, marketing, and forecasting. Retail Essentials is Web-based and available to participating retailers 24/7. Spreadsheets are downloadable to Excel or in PDF format.

Participating retailers can compare their sales to the industry as a whole, drill down for a closer look at each market, find out how their competition promotes products, and get unique insight in consumer purchase behavior. We include direct access to "causal data" or "consumer behavior" through Business Intelligence Essentials: K-12 and college school schedules by market and store location, major event schedules by market and store location, weather (historical and forecasted), by each store location; market and store level demographics, education index by market and store level and more.

We provide analysts to proactively search for trends each week in key categories. These analysts are available to assist marketing staff and buyers to get answers to their specific questions.

Participating retailers can create weekly reports that include market share by format, title, category, studio, price band and TV market

What is the process for becoming a participating Retailer?

Participating Retailers either provide us direct access to "pull" data from their secure FTP server or they "push" their data to our secure FTP server. Because we track billions of transactions from thousands of retail sources throughout the world, we go to great measures to protect each retailer's data through multiple suppression rules, passwords, and the limitation of access to predetermined IP addresses. We can often work with an existing file-format being used with other market research companies. Consequently, our data providers do not incur additional programming costs.